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    Cantinflas and Frida Kahlo.

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    Get in the car, Nicola Kuperus

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    Featured Curator: Justin Ruckman

    From his self-made 8’ x 8’ backyard observatory in Michigan, Terry Hancock produces astronomical imagery rivaling that of NASA or JPL. His compositions are often the result of 15 hour integrations or longer, and feature such incredible attention to detail, framing, and color, that you could be forgiven for mistaking them as exquisitely crafted paintings. Much more of his work is available on his website, and on Flickr.

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    The blockade imposed on Gaza by Israel is devastating. It traps people in poverty. It keeps families apart. And when the bombs fall, it leaves no means of escape. Palestinians and Israelis need lasting peace now.

    This must include a permanent end to violence by both sides, and lifting the blockade.

    REBLOG this post to join our call for the UK Government to push for permanent peace now.

    Photo: EPA/Oliver Weiken.

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    Andy Warhol at Gristedes supermarket, New York (1962)

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    Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in Follow the Fleet  (Mark Sandrich, 1936)

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